Freesat provides all the   main UK English language programs, this is a free service with no subscription required. Any digital satellite receiver will pick up the programs but they will not be in the correct order or automatically change when there updates nore do they have a programme guide. At Electro- sat we believe in giving our clients easy viewing, we will only supply official Freesat receivers. We supply the Humax and Manhatten range of receivers, these have had fantastic reviews in various  magazines. A complete range  of digital receivers from simple satellite receivers to PVR recorders are available. If you feel very confident in DIY skills we can supply you with a very competitively priced kits. If DIY is not your speciality then our qualified installation staff will fit the system for you. depending on where you live we can provide you wits dishes from 65 cm diameter to over 4 meter diameter.

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